Sunday, March 18, 2012

2 Days Till Spring

Spring is only two days away and hopefully we will be leaving old man winter behind... he's been a bit moody this year.

The "New Geeks" now have a real name... the Librarians (lead by queen Marcia).  The name seems fitting for something the Geeks created.  If you are wondering what they are doing when the sun isn't out... here's a peak inside the entrance.  A guard will quickly come out to make sure you aren't up to trouble.  The other hives have been retreating back behind the comb, but these girls are just waiting for any break in the weather they can get to fly.  Nuc B (a sister queen) is smaller but has the same behavior.  They were out yesterday just after the snowfall when it had warmed up to 41F. 

Also for everyone trying to follow the blog I think I have the settings right now so you can enter an email or your blog reader ID to follow updates.

- Jeff


  1. Can't wait to see Queen Marcia! Seriously, I am feeling quite honored.

    1. I got pictures of all the queens in fall and as I recall she's a pretty golden queen (her mother is a darker colored queen). I'll dig up some mother daughter shots and post them soon.